We will be offering virtual workshops on discord. Please join our server for more information.

Git & Github

We will be holding a workshop on how to use git/GitHub for those that are new to these tools.

Building Games With Kaboom.js

In this workshop, you will learn the basics of Kaboom.js, a powerful JavaScript game engine for creating 2d games on the web.

You will get hands-on experience working with Kaboom.js, creating your own simple games, and learning how to use its sprite, physics, and rendering APIs.

This workshop is beginner-friendly, but experience with Javascript /HTML/CSS is recommended.


What skill level do you have to be to participate?

We encourage anyone interested to participate regardless of skill level.

I do not have a team. Can I still participate?

Yes, either you can submit individually or we can help provide help introduce you to other participants at a similar skill level.

How will submissions be handled?

We will be accepting a GitHub project link from each team with a commit history. We expect that all code written for the project be written during the competition. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

You will have the option to upload a video or present a live demo.


If you have any further questions please reach out on discord!