12/10/2022 to 12/11/2022


Participants must be current high schoolers to participate.

Project and Submission Requirements

Projects must include a github link with all of the code. All of the code submitted for the project must be created in the 24 hour hacking period. In addition, to submitting a link to a github repo a presentation is required. This presentation can be a video that is two minutes or longer or done live via video call to the judges. The presentation will be a demo of the project, the environment the project is run in, details around the motivations behind the project, and what tools were used in this project. 


1st Place - $20 Amazon gift card for each team member

2nd Place - $15 Amazon gift card for each team member

3rd Place - $10 Amazon gift card for each team member.

Judging Criteria and Winner Selection

Originality: ___ / 10

How innovative is the idea? Is there a similar project on the internet?

UI/UX Experience: ___ / 10

Is the project easy to use? Does it feel polished?

Complexity: ___ / 15

Is the idea hard to execute?

Usefulness: ___ / 10

How useful is this project? Is there a real-life use case for this?

Well-Written Code: ___ / 5

Is the code easy to read and understand? Is there proper formatting and whitespace?

Presentation: ___ / 5

Was the project presented effectively? Was the demo running well?